Romans: Faith & Relationship with God

Crossing Campus

April 18 - September 15

This series walks through the teachings of Romans, and how the truths contained in this letter can guide the way that we view our faith in God, and how that should forever impact our relationship with the one Living God.

Student Sunday

August 18th / Various

Review & Use

August 11th / Gary Darnell

The Misery of Living Non-Green

August 4th / Gary Darnell

Simply Rule-Keepers?

July 28th / Gary Darnell

Living In The New Way of The Spirit

July 21st / Gary Darnell

Bondservants to Righteousness

July 14th / Jason Moog

Shall We Continue in Sin?

July 7th / Randy White

Can We Stop Sinning? Absolutely! pt. 2

June 30th / Gary Darnell

Can We Stop Sinning? Absolutely! pt. 1

June 23rd / Gary Darnell

The Guts of the Gospel

June 16th / Tim Barley

The Sufficiency of God’s Grace

June 9th / Charlie Meng

Adam’s Sin

June 2nd / Charlie Meng

God’s Love & The Great Escape

May 26 / Randy White

The Wealth of Faith-Righteousness

May 19 / Jason Moog

The Righteousness Principle

May 12 / Charlie Meng

Righteousness By Faith

May 5 / Charlie Meng

From The Worst to The Best

April 28 / Gary Darnell