Timo and Manuela Heimlich

Berlin is sometimes called the “capital of atheism”, but also “party hub”, and “start-up capital of Europe”. According to the University of Chicago, Eastern Germany is the least religious region worldwide. At the same time Berlin draws internationals from around the globe and has a global influence. Around 90,000 mostly Middle Eastern refugees settled in Berlin over the last years. Manu (from communist East Germany) and Timo (from West Germany) came in 2005 as church planters to East Berlin to plant a church, organize community partnerships as platforms for gospel transformation, and develop international leaders. As of 2018, Timo is serving as a church planting catalyst in Berlin so that church multiplication will happen in all parts of the city and among all people groups leading to a changed city that has global gospel impact. A two year training program is available for young future leaders in the urban world.

For more information, please contact Timo by email. Monthly prayer updates are available.