Jozsef & Daniela Danko

Jozseph and Daniela have a home church in Ukraine that ministers to the gypsy community and war torn families. In their own words, "the focus of our ministry is to built God's kingdom, to bring people to Christ, teach them to depend on the Lord, be led by Him, to love Him, spend intimacy time with Him, be equipped and let them bring Christ to every corner of this region and wherever God wants to use them."

Recent Updates.

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January 15, 2017

Dear Chris and Linda,

We are so happy to get these encouraging words from you. We also wish you wonderful year in God's perfect will and experiencing more and more of his love and grace. We had a little difficult time in church lately as we had to sent away our worship leader. In this way two families left. We are sorry for that, but we had to make this painful decision. Now, a brother from Mukachevo helps us and a couple from Beregovo.

This week our church has to move from one place to another. The place does not have special room for children, which makes it a little difficult for them. So after worship I have a short teaching for children and then we move to the back of the room for crafts. It works, but a room for them would be much better. We started to have really good cooperation with one church in Uzgorod, which is also joy for us.

This year we want to stand faithfully in all the ministries as last year and pray that the Lord would show us, what he wants to do diffrently, what to stop and what to start. Please, pray for us, for God's grace and mercy , for his word to go out in his power.

Thank you so much for being with us and for all your support, love and hugs from us all from Ukraine.


October 5, 2016

Dear Chris and Linda,

I wrote a work report to Switzerland and thought it would be a good idea to write to you as well. First some general information about the situation here..

This is our ninth year in Ukraine. We love our work here and our mission call even more now than in the beginning even though the situation and the need grows. The continues war in the east of the country leaves large spots on the whole society, men are leaving the country for the fear of the war, young people leave the country to be able to earn some money and usually women and children, and pensioners are left behind. The pension is around 45 USD now, which makes it very, very difficult for the elderly to live from it, especially if it is a widow. Most pensioners try to work for somebody for day pay - to be able to buy firewood or pay for the doctors. The price of gas and electricity went up rapidly. Gas 700% up and electricity 400% up, there are some possibilities to have some reduce of the price from the government, but still it is unbearable for many lonely people. That is why there are many hopeless people and crime is growing in Ukraine. Many sick are not able to buy the medicine and are sent home to die.

We spoke with many pastors that have problems in the church as well, as those who supported the churches the most leave Ukraine for western countries and stop support the church. There are poor, children and elderly left in the churches. Pastors are tired, discouraged and need encouragement as well. And we are here for them. Some pastors and leaders come to us for pastoral care.

It is the same in our church as well. Young boys left Ukraine as they do not want to be soldiers - Ukrainian army is very badly equipped and many soldiers die in Russian rockets attacks. They moved to Hungary, work there and joined the church there as well. Which is joy, that they keep their relationship with the Lord and find it important to be part of local church. But unfortunately they were those, who did something in the church and in this way we do not have many to work with. We terribly miss mature workers to start youth work, would need more worshippers, children ministry workers, etc. Please, pray for the mature workers to join us.

This year was also a bit difficult for the church, as we had to change place where we meet twice. We were meeting on Saturday in Baptist church, because the room in Mission where we were meeting before was too small for us already. But we had to move from the baptist church for now, as they will rebuild it. We were sharing one room with another small Ukrainian church, but there were problems, misunderstandings, so we left the place. (on Saturday we said, ok, we are leaving, we do not want to quarrel with you and still did not know, where we will meet next Saturday (we have the church meetings on Saturday mornings, as there are buses for the people to come in) and the Lord helped us to find another place for the next Saturday, it is even more in the centre and nicer, the only problem is that we have only one room and do not have separate place for the children. There are about 40 people coming to the church now. The rent is higher here, but your support helps in it a lot.

We continue with gypsy ministry in two villages, it is lead by Gabor and Kati Toth, they got it from the Lord and do it faithfully and with all their hearts. We just oversee that work and are proud for them, how much they grow in the ministry. Their children work there with them, teaching the adults and children to read and write and playing guitar and drums to youth. In summer we had two camps for the children there - they were just camps for three days, with programme for the children from 10:00 to 17:00. We had co-workers from Mukachevo Calvery chapel church, who helped us. We brought them gospel, but taught them hygiene as well and good behaviour. 

Because our meetings are on Saturdays, it leaves space for us to minister in different churches here that invite us on Sundays. We ministered in Rahiv, Gat, Gut, Mukachevo, Tuzser, Posahaza and Beregujfalu for the meetings or doing quite regular meetings for women. I started women ministry with a missionary from the USA, Marilyn Gibs. Unfortunately, she got cancer and died in June. I miss her very much, she was wonderful, loving and wise lady, with whom I could speak and pray about anything. I really miss a friend like her, she understood me and I understood her. Well, she is at better place now, but she left us heritage - we helped her to buy a car for her ministry and she gave it to us after her passing away. So, we have 20 years old Sharan for the gypsy ministry, mainly Gabor's son Gabi is driving it and ministering with it. The car is in very good shape and is a big blessings for our ministry. We pay the insurance and repairs from the help we get from you ( the BVC.)

Jozsef also faithfully continues with leprosy mission to east Ukraine, where they minister not only to the leprous but to the poor in the village and surrounding. They saw some wonderful answered prayers for healing and restoration there. We minister to refuges from the eastern Ukraine as well and co-operate with chaplains, who minister to the soldiers in the front lines. We send there boots and literature, nappies and food help.

We also receive mission teams from Czech republic and Scotland. It is wonderful to see these brothers and sisters, how the Lord touches them and puts them on fire. They are encouragement for the church and they are being changed as well.

We had baptism in summer, where six people decided for Jesus and we have two more people who want to be baptised.

Well, few words about our family as well, we also had to move to another house, as the house we were staying in was sold. The Lord gave us wonderful house to stay with wonderful German shepherd dog :) But moving after year and half again was a bit lot. Praise the Lord we have more space here and can receive guests. There is a large dining room and a living room. Patrik is in his 9th class doing well at school, he is very good at computers and he does that ministry in the church as well - projecting the worship songs on wall. Benjamin is in his 6th class, he is learning how to play the guitar and helps me with the children ministry. They are both baptized and got wonderful promises from the Lord. We always fight with some health issues in our lives, I have pain in joins - may be rheumatism, now I go through different examinations and we will see. Jozsef is fighting diabetes and high blood pressure. Benjamin had health problems as well, his gall bladder is a bit too sensitive, he needs to be on a diet now. 

We are happy and thankful to the Lord for being here and for using us for his glory. Thank you so much that you are in that with us by your support and prayer. Give our love and thanks to the church family. I will sent few pictures as well.

Love and hugs to you all,

God bless you, Daniela