GameChangers Round 2

August 1 - August 29

Webster defines a game changer as an event, idea, or procedure that effects a significant shift in the current manner of doing or thinking about something. In this series we will focus on a specific biblical concept, tool or truth that when learned and practiced contributes to exponential fruit and growth.

One- On- One Discipleship

October 24/ David Sundman

Friendship with God

September 26 / Nathan Baird

Changing Your Approach: Developing a Mindset for Prayer

September 19 / Daniel Gillette

God’s Gym: Training v. Training

September 12 / Jason Moog

Think Before You Sing

August 1 - August 29

When we worship God in music we are called to respond to him not only emotionally but intellectually as well. This series dives into the theology behind some of the songs we sing and invites us to be more thoughtful in our worship.


August 1 / Jason Moog

“Before the Throne”

August 8 / Charlie Meng


August 15 / Daniel Gillette

“Sovereign Over Us”

August 29 / Shawn Hoelsch

Little Big Shots: Small Books, Massive Truths

May 16 - June 13

This series is a journey through the five smallest books of the Bible. Each week we will discover insights from these short books that will have huge implications for who we are and how we live as followers of Christ.

The Book of Obadiah

May 16 / Daniel Gillette

The Book of Philemon

May 23 / Galen Dresser

The Book of Second John

May 30 / Eddie Rusu

The Book of Third John

June 6 / Jason Moog