OCTOBER 19-30, 2020

AT THIS TIME, REGISTRATION FOR THIS TRIP IS NOW FULL, if you would like to be placed on a waiting list, sign up HERE.

But great news - we're considering another visit to Israel in the Spring of 2021! If we offer the Spring visit in 2021, email Lindsay (lindsayrusu24@gmail.com) indicating your desire to attend the Israel 20/21 trip.

The purpose of Israel 20/20 is to worship and serve God together as a church family as we meet people - Jews, Arabs, and others - and visit biblical sites located throughout the country. We will be spending daily time in worship, evangelism, exploration, study, service, adventure, and more! Our hope is to deepen our faith, broaden our understanding of the Bible, develop stronger relationships with one another, serve and share with other as we have opportunity, and advance the Kingdom of God. 

This trip will be physical. There will be lots of walking; uneven surfaces; fast-paced; etc. This trip will be relational . Getting along with a large group; opening up to Jews, Arabs, and everyone in between.

The cost is $3100 per person (this includes all airfare transportation, ground transportation, lodging accommodations, two meals per day, headset devices, and tips) as long as there is a minimum of forty-five people who join us. If the number goes below forty-five, the price will increase.  

For more details, see the FAQs below! For questions, contact Lindsay Rusu at lindsayrusu24@gmail.com



What type of hotels will we be staying in?

We will be staying in 3 Star hotels which include breakfast and dinner each day. We will also be staying in a least one kibbutz, which are collective agricultural communities (like a farm) located throughout Israel. The food is fresh, the air is clean, and it’s a delightful experience to stay there. Hotels have been built on the kibbutzim (plural for kibbutz) for visitors to enjoy the kibbutz experience for themselves. 

How will we travel on land?

Since it is such a large group, we will be touring by bus (perhaps two buses). The tour company will pick us up, drive to each stop, and drop us off at our hotels at the end of each day. 

Will we have any leisure time to do our own sightseeing/shopping?

Yes, you will have opportunities to shop each day at gift shops associated with most of the sites we will be visiting. Every night after the scheduled tour and dinner, there will be time to join with others in our group to go exploring and shopping. 

What is the tentative Itinerary? 

This is only about two thirds of the total sites we will be seeing. If there is a site you would like to see that is not listed here, please email Lindsay Rusu.

  • Tel Aviv

  • Caesarea

  • Mt. Carmel

  • Nazareth

  • Sea of Galilee

  • Mt. Arbel

  • Capernaum

  • Tel-Dan (Dan)

  • Golan Heights

  • Banias Springs

  • Jordan River

  • Qumran

  • Dead Sea

  • Masada

  • Ein Gedi

  • Mt. of Olives

  • Garden of Gethsemane

  • St. Anne’s Church

  • Kotel Western Wall Tunnels

  • City of David

  • Bethlehem

  • Mt. Zion

Will we be able to use the internet? 

Yes! Internet and WiFi will be available throughout our journey.


Are there any age limits or restriction for this trip?

There are no age restrictions for this trip, however, we will maintain a fairly rigorous schedule. It is important for everyone to be physically fit, able to walk a number of miles per day, and withstand long bus rides. For those participants who are still in school, you will need to make arrangements to take off the necessary time for the trip.

Is there any prep work that is required to go to Israel?

Yes, there is! Preparation includes: spiritual preparation, homework, study, prayer, evangelism.  As we get closer to our departure, we will send out selected readings from Scripture and other pertinent information that will be important for you to read in advance. The information and Scripture will pertain to the specific sites we will be visiting. During our trip, we will be serving one another (those we meet, unbelievers, etc.), sharing our testimonies, leading music, teaching, devotions, and more!

Is VBC traveling independently or with a tour company?

Many of our travel arrangements are being made by a tour company. This will make planning much easier and more economical for all of us. Leaders from VBC will be conducting the majority of our biblical teaching.

What if I missed the informational meeting on February 10?

No problem. If you didn’t attend the meeting, you are not disqualified from attending Israel 20/20. Lindsay Rusu is our administrative coordinator for this journey and she can be contacted about what was discussed at the info meeting or for additional information (lindsayrusu24@gmail.com).

How many people will be going on this trip?

The maximum number of people we can include on our roster is 60 people. Your place can only be held after you have paid a deposit. After 60 people have paid their deposits, we will put names on a waiting list in case of cancellations.

We may have an alternative option that will be determined by the number of people who submit their deposit before April 19th. If we have such a high volume of people who are interested in attending Israel 20/20 in October, we may potentially offer two trips to include and accommodate all who are interested. Our first trip would be in the fall, October 2020, and our second trip would be in the Spring, April 2021. Again, this option will be confirmed based upon the number of people who submit their $100 refundable deposit by April 19th.

Do I have to do every scheduled activity with the group?

Except in the case of illness, we want to stay together each day for each event of Israel 20/20. Throughout our journey, some activities will be optional, and you will always be notified of these in advance. 

Can people who do not attend VBC sign up for the Israel 20/20 trip? 

Absolutely! Your inclusion on the roster will be guaranteed by your deposit and ultimately, your full payment.


What is the cost of the trip?

The cost for our journey will be $3100 per person. This cost includes all airfare transportation, ground transportation, lodging accommodations, two meals per day, headset devices, and tips,  as long as there is a minimum of forty-five (45) people who join us. If the number goes below forty-five, the price will increase.  

How do I secure my spot and pay for the trip?

1) To secure your spot, you will make a deposit to VBC (see link in the top section on this page.)  The first sixty (60) people to give their deposit will have a secured spot, and after the sixty spots are filled, every additional person will be put on a waiting list. As some who are in the first sixty people to sign up may cancel, the next person on the waiting list will be contacted.   

2) Your deposit is refundable until 150 days before our trip, or Friday, May 22, 2020. After May 22, 2020, if you attend the trip, the $100 will count towards your final payment. However, if you don’t end up attending the trip, your deposit won’t be refunded after May 22, 2020 and will be kept by Valley Bible Church. 

3) For those who are in the first group of sixty people who have secured a spot, you will be making payments directly to Pilgrim Tours. Tim Barley and Lindsay Rusu will be in contact with everyone who has given their deposit throughout this process to remind you about your payments and be of any help you may need.

4) Your payments will be as follows: 100 days prior to departure (July 11, 2020), you will need to pay $300 to Pilgrim Tours with a completed reservation form and a photocopy of the picture/information page of passport. Then, 60 days prior to departure (August 20, 2020), your final payment will be due. The final will all be submitted to Pilgrim Tours, however Tim Barley and Lindsay Rusu will be in contact with you as to who is in the first 60 spots months before the final payment is due. We will also be keeping everyone on the email list posted along the way.

Contact Lindsay Rusu at lindsayrusu24@gmail.com with any questions.

Do I need travel insurance?

No you do not. However, if you would like travel insurance for any reason (i.e. ability to refund your plane ticket, health issues), it is wise to secure it.


Is the cost of food included in the cost of the trip?

Yes. Each day, breakfast and dinner will be included in the our stay at our hotel. We will have to pay for your own lunches, but we will suggest places to eat lunch as a group each day. Some days, it will be possible to bring your own lunch or eat at a nearby snack bar, if you prefer.

Are there options for people with special diets?

Yes, but not as many options as we have in the US. 


Will we be going to Jordan or Egypt?

No, we will not be going to Jordan or Egypt on this trip. If you would like to go, special arrangements can be made with our tour company.

Can I stay longer if I would like?

Yes, you are more than welcome to stay longer if you would like. However, this would mean that your airfare would be a separate cost and special arrangements would need to be made through the tour company. For more information, contact Lindsay Rusu at lindsayrusu24@gmail.com

Are there discounts for using miles for travel and/or for purchasing the tour without airfare? 

Perhaps! Contact Lindsay Rusu to discuss.